Cutressa M. Williams’ Personal Ethical Creed

The decision to live and serve with Integrity, Love and a driving sense of Mission must be made early and re-committed to on a daily basis. Regrettably, with far too many opportunities to choose a seemingly easy, yet destructive detour, it is imperative that true heart professionals take their stand now, and decide how they will answer life’s many questions. Taking the time to craft a personal ethical creed is paramount - it is the prerequisite of true success. My Personal Ethical Creed is foundational. It represents the source of my commitment to success as a true, servant leader and demonstrated, capable professional. It serves to protect and redirect me (as necessary), providing guidance and wisdom for those "gray" areas of life and professionalism. The following principles will serve me, as I serve others:

  • I commit to listening FIRST, and then Only speak, when/if necessary;

  • I commit to expressing appreciation to/for those who seek my help, by smiling and offering the best advice I, myself, would want to receive;

  • I commit to integral behavior - telling the truth “in love,” especially when it is constructive in nature;

  • I commit to timeliness. When I make an appointment with someone, whether face-to-face or via phone, I will ensure I am present. Time is one of the most valuable tools of life (as it cannot be replaced), so unless an extreme emergency arises, I will be there;

  • I commit to honoring others as unique and valuable human beings. Each individual has gifts and talents to share to help make our world better, so I commit to honoring and appreciating others;

  • I commit to quickly forgive (myself & others) and never to receive offense;

  • I commit to ALWAYS act in Love - treating others with the same level of respect and honor I desire for myself and my family.


Webster’s 1828 online edition dictionary defines Ethics as “The doctrines of morality or social manners; the science of moral philosophy, which teaches {One} their duty and the reasons of it” (2017). I usually use this dictionary first because the definitions are based on biblical principles. Each of my seven commitments is based upon my personal philosophies of how to treat others - as I desire to be treated in return. As a believer in The God of The Holy Bible, His love and teachings are foundational for how I choose to live my life. These foundations carry me personally, as well as professionally. As I am not two people in possession of two hearts; but, rather one person, who must honor her one heart, it is imperative that I consider the consequences of my actions. My decisions, both personally and professionally, can affect more than just myself, and even my family alone. It is important to me that I live my life according to the sound biblical principles taught in The Bible. Its foundational expression IS Love. Love is not merely something to say to illicit a certain reaction from another, but it is rather an action word. Love must be seen and felt more often than it is merely heard.  Love is Action(able). True love cannot exist in mere words only, as the weight of the Love must be supported by acts that cannot only be seen but heard, felt and ultimately shared.

As I continue living life, I am confident the heart commitments I choose to make today will continue to guide and direct me as difficulties arise. As I continue to grow and mature in love and as a professional, the tenets may enlarge to encompass areas not yet clear; however, the underlying foundations of Love (in action) and Integrity will always be present and evident.