Real Talk - NOW IS THE TIME!


I am tired of living small, and greatly beneath My personal potential. Adonai is My Abba Father after all, so there is NO real need for fear to be allowed, at all. Laziness and complacency should NOT know My address.

I have ALWAYS known I was destined for GREATNESS - to be an EntrepreServantLeader, an enterprising servant leader. Although, I initially had NO idea what that truly meant, or even what it looked like - I just knew. My heart whispered that I would ultimately be a Leader - as I faithfully followed after Yeshua My Messiah - The ultimate leadership example.

I AM a Faith Girl, and as such, call those things that be NOT as though they were (SO that My reality WILL eventually match My words), just as My Bible instructs. But TODAY! Today is about real talk - it is stating the facts as they are right now - presently. Now, just because something IS a fact, still does NOT necessarily make it a truth for Me; however, real and lasting change necessitates that I must know and face the facts of today, in order to effectively deal with and change them into my desired and real truths for my new “today.”

I am tired and fed up with being afraid. Afraid of what might arrive in my mailbox, afraid of unknown phone numbers, afraid that I will not be able to provide the simplest requests for My daughter, afraid of disappointing her for living small. How can I expect her to think and act BIG, and Be ALL She can be, if I am content to exist in a small, complacent way? Which, of course, I am NOT content to do so.

I am tired of this “bankrupt body and life.” I am tired of not having the ability to take "well" day for myself - feeling much too good to work today - without fear of negative repercussion. I am SIMPLY TIRED. Tired of having to do work I do not love, when I do not feel like it and with people I would much rather not to have to do it with - (but, you know those responsible things adults should do). I am tired of not being able to help My friends and family, whom I love dearly, when they need me. It breaks My heart to see and hear about their struggles because I am unable to help. I am just tired of NOT being in Complete and FULL control of My own life and schedule! If I, myself, schedule a meeting or choose to work at a certain time, Fine; BUT, having to be where I do not want to be, with people I do not necessarily want to be with, doing what I do not necessarily feel like doing - that is NO longer Fine!

I am tired of first giving My best energies and talents to the building of the dreams of others while having little to no energy left with which to craft My own (dreams).

I am LONG OVERDUE for My Freedom and My True Reality - how about You?

... I just want My Real LIFE - it is time for Me to stop wishing and start LIVING!!!

So, here I go, ACTIVELY doing something about it - to change it - taking My own advice and "Shooting directly towards the Stars, at the Speed of Light"

Join me or just Watch Me GO!