Profits Generation Professional Partner (overview)

How My Heartfelt Passion CAN Serve You and Your Business

A combination of Ideation, Positivity, Creativity and Service partnered with the “dynamic duo” of sales & marketing, accurately describes the Profits Generation Professional Partner (PGPP). As your PGPP, My sole aim is to create Wildly Successful and Profitable Results for Your company and its products & services.


In order to achieve the extraordinary results sought, it is vitally important that I understand Your specific business and its unique goals. What is the legacy you desire to create in the marketplace by WOW’ing those you are  privileged to help and support. This process begins with a thorough picture of your business using the client questionnaire, to create a detailed picture of the present who, what, why, how of Your business and conversations concerning its future picture. After reviewing the present, current state of things, I am better able to formulate a plan of success that will serve your desires for the greatest business growth.


We partner together to create joint ventures, strategic alliances, gift certificate campaigns, value-centric models, and many other techniques to create Signature Success for YOUR Business. Because every business is as unique as fingerprints and snowflakes, there is NO one-size-fits-all acceptable approach to success. Each individual company’s overall goals must be assessed and then plans designed and implemented for WIN-WIN-WIN (WINx) possibilities. A win for the recipient of service, a win for the provider of service and for the betterment of both AND the marketplace as a whole.


As an example, we might implement a “mobile marketing explosion” strategy (if a good fit), where on the spot savings AND profits can be literally created. We might also create complementary and, when feasible, seemingly opposite alliances with other businesses to create new avenues to customers and untold possibilities. Other options are potentially endless, with creating campaigns for welcoming back inactive customers, to creating loyalty celebrations and specials for current, loyal customers, and experimenting with the “standard” marketing techniques of other industries. Simply because an industry has a seemingly standard marketing course, does not mean that it is the only way to get things done - being open, creative and willing to risk (even a little) is the perfect formula for Exceptional Results and Success!!!

Informational Q&A

1. Cutressa, can you please show me proof of results first?

At the current moment, ALL I can demonstrate is My intense & committed desire to see & seek WIN(s) for Everyone involved. Experience is not everything. It tends to dull One's sense of creativity, as all it acknowledges is, what "has worked." Doing things the same way they have always been done is not necessarily a sustaining & wise plan for success. At one time, cassette tapes & VCRs were all the rage; but, who utilizes any of these tools now? YES, Action Always trumps mere theory & knowledge alone, but One has to begin somewhere. EVERY Expert & Master of any skill/craft was at first, an inexperienced amateur and novice with the BIG Belief in their ability to effectively execute all their learning. In exchange for Your trust in Me & My abilities to succeed for Us - I am offering an unbelievable "Prospertunity!" (Opportunities to Prosper).


2. Cutressa, I could easily implement these ideas Myself - What is chief advantage of partnering with you?

Yes, you absolutely could. The implementation of the strategies suggested & more, are not difficult and could be easily & successfully assimilated into your business without retaining My services; however, simply ask Yourself ONE Important question: "Would focusing on learning, implementing & perfecting these strategies be the BEST & HIGHEST USE OF MY TIME?" Or, would it be best for you to laser your focus to those things you do best - doing the things that makes your business your own. In other words, consider allowing Me & My team to serve You Best by bringing in more customers/clients & creating loyalty, while You do Your best directly to Your customers/clients, delivering over-the-top service. Each of us functioning in the role BEST suited for our time and talents.


3. Cutressa, why should I choose you to be my PGPP?

  a. Because it would be exactly that, a Partnership. We are not seeking to take over Your business, thinking we know it better than You - no, in fact, Your expertise of Your business & industry are vital to the success of any plans;

   b. Serving You & Your business by creating profitable & desirable Results - is My DREAM WORK! This privilege is more than a task to collect a check, but a passion to serve that ignites & drives Me daily!